How to sell without selling ?

– Why people buy products ?

a. Due to basic needs
b. For replacement
c. Due to urgency / scarcity
d. Getting great value of discount
e. For a good cause
f. For name recognition

– What are the types of buyers ?

a. 61% average spenders
b. 24% cheap spenders
c. 15% irresponsible spenders

– How colors and buyers are related ?

a. Average spenders – colors prefered are sky blue and pink – venues for using these colors are clothing stores
b. Cheap spenders – colors prefered are navy blue and teal – venues for using these colors are banks and departmental stores.
c. Irresponsible Spenders – colors prefered are orange, blue and black – venues for using these colors are malls, clearance sale and fast food.

– How color affects purchases ?

a. 85% of buyers say color is the main reason for why they buy a certain product.
b. 93% of buyers are concerned with the visual appearance of the product.

80% color increases brand recognition by :
a. Black – Powerful – Many used for high end products
b. Orange – Aggressive – Creates a call to action
c. Red – Energetic – Creates urgency, used for clearance sales

– How design and efficiency are related ?

a. 42% – Shoppers base their opinion of a website on design.
b. 52% – Won’t return to a site with bad overall aesthetics.
c. 64% – Didn’t buy anything because the website was too slow.
d. 10% – Didn’t complete the payment process because it was too lengthy.

– How the good cause effects ?

a. 60% of people said that buying goods from socially responsible companies is important to them.
b. 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause.
c. 50% of global consumers said they would be willing to reward companies that give back to society by paying more their goods and services.

– How meaningful words affects ?

a. 50% enter a store – More than 50% of consumers will enter a store that has a “sale” sign.
b. 60% will buy – 60% are more likely to buy if the word “guranteed” is associated with their purchase.
c. 90% got influenced – 90% of people said positive online reviews influenced them to buy.
d. 25% more likely to buy – People who receive follow up information on product are 25% more likely to buy.

– How to keep people guessing ?

a. Customers like consistency, but they also like surprises.
b. Create some “wow factors” that customers don’t expect.
c. Keep offering your customers discounts, sales, coupons on a regular basis.