Multidimensional Data Visualization

Multidimensional view of data is critical for every business. Mobifly has developed a suite of multidimensional reports which are used by various companies and provide visibility on all critical operations. It provides ability to quickly switch between one slice of information and another which allows users to analyze their information in small palatable chunks instead of a giant report.


Same information set can be presented in multiple forms such as

  • Line & Area chart
  • Pie & Funnel chart
  • XY & Bubble chart
  • Column & Bar charts, etc

Records or information can also be downloaded in different formats such as Ms.Excel, Pdf, etc.

Visualizasion For PE Firm

Lets analyze the diversification of the Deal Pipeline for a Private Equity firm for a month

Data Viewed in Pie Chart

Deal Pipeline Overview Report 2016-04-29 22-35-06

As evident in the screenshot above, one can

  • Use sidebar filter to filter information based on sector, sub sector, etc
  • Choose what to display from the drop-down. For example, sector (current), stage, deal type, etc
  • Choose the currency from the drop-down, currently selected as INR
  • Choose whether to display count or values
  • And finally the type of chart like pie chart (current), bar chart or grid view

Same information when viewed in a bar chart is shown in the screenshot below

Data Viewed In Bar Chart

Deal Pipeline Overview Report 2016-04-29 22-54-55

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