Tracking of Legal Cases

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Problem In Tracking Legal Cases

Indian business operates in a complex environment, which is marred with controversies, ambiguities and disputes. Legal disputes are an inevitable consequence that might span across different sections within the organization. (Such as vat, service tax, criminal, civil, bail applications, applications for apprehended violence orders, some employee law cases, appeals against decisions of the RMS, annulment applications, etc.).


Prolonged litigation along with various other Organizational challenges makes the litigation management expensive, time- consuming and extremely painful.

Some of the common challenges to mention are

  1. The employee who handles litigation might leave or get transferred during the continued litigation.

  2. The case record might get destroyed, misplaced or archived.

  3. Managing multiple location teams or locations is more difficult to manage

  4. Tracking the payments and the guarantees are also a greater challenge

  5. Some of the difficult task includes enterprise view generation for the pending controversies and value at stake.


Mobifly has developed an effective cloud based online system that track, monitors and reports the solution. Based on this report actions will be taken. Some of the key features are

  1. Tracking all the important milestones (such as Notice, Hearing, Order, , Pleadings, Payment, Security, Reply/Submissions, , etc) based on its progresses

  2. Repository of all the relevant case papers

  3. Alerts made designed for specific events (like Bank Guarantees lapsing in near future, impending hearings, etc.)

  4. Access logs and control, so in order to regulate viewing/modifying the rights of users.

  5. Powerful search functionality to look up cases/ events basis varied parameters

  6. Right library of Reports to retrieve case documents/ related information/, catering to diverse users and requirements

Through Smartdashboard, Snapshot view of litigation is being managed at different levels

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