Automatic Field Staff Attendance using Smartphone

Best Utilization Of Smartphone

Business Problem:

It is an overhead for companies to track their executives on day to day basis (construction, marketing, sales, and delivery boy) even if any of the executives are at other locations like client office, construction sites etc. This can be done through smart phones or software application. The companies have to rely on verbal commitments, which are not reliable in situations where the employees are not present at the location but convey that he is present or gets marked his attendance as present by someone else.

The common complains are

  • The staff might spend least hours at the job site
  • The staff may complete very less jobs in a day and rather spends too much time on the road

Solution (Overcome by Smartphone):

Geo-fencing is the best way to track the off-site employees, sales executives and other staff members who spends time at client. It is a virtual perimeter for the real world geographic area.

This could be helpful in saving huge money from your company by

  • Eliminating manual effort of marking attendance
  • Ensuring your staff’s presence at the job site
  • Avoiding scenarios where staff marks fake attendance

This application can also be used for construction site executive, sales executives, logistics, delivery executives, hyper local, e-commerce, etc.


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