Mobile Site or Mobile App?

Mobile apps are becoming more and more popular outpacing browser-based sites rapidly. Organizations in nearly every industry are realising the importance of mobile interface. C-level executives are concerned, in our interaction one question they always ask what they need mobile site or mobile app?

There is no single answer it depends upon the audience and purpose?

Below infographic, tries to answer this question beautifully.


(Created by advertising agency MDG pulled data from sources including Flurry AnalyticsComScore)

In India, e-commerce is growing almost all retailers are seeing good traffic from mobile devices and they have started thinking to launch mobile experience. For e-commerce the best thing to do is launch a mobile site which can be augmented with native app.  With current implementation of desktop site, there are challenges in building mobile experience . Considering technology implementation mobile site options seems cost effective and quick to market, while app needs considerable investment.

Here are few things which should be remembered while creating mobile experience.

  1. Keep It Simple // Help users find what they want in the easiest, fastest way possible
  2. Show Prioritized Content // Show what they want to buy.
  3. Touch is the New click // Provide an experience compelling enough that they’ll come back.
  4. Every Device is Important // Design for Devices and Environments.
  5. Don’t Make Them Wait  // Paint 6 square inch screen in less than 60 seconds
  6. Avoid Heavy Graphics // No time lost in buffering or loading
  7. Redirect Automatically  // Detect the device (user agent)
  8. Cross Channel Experience // Manage Session on Multiple Channels (Web/Mobile)

Remember : Do not Create Mini Site or Miniature Version of main Site. Mobile experience is impulsive sale not search and buy.

Infographic: Which is Better – Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites?
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