Website Development Process

– Planning & Analysis a. Understand client needs b. Gather information c. Document gathered information – Web Page Design & Finalization a. Creative planning b. Finalize web design – Functionalities & Features a. Develop design framework b. Implement websites features – Testing & Fixing the Bugs a. Test website functionality b. Review and fix all…Continue reading «Website Development Process»

Ways to boost your brand

– Make a good first impression – Be consistent – Listen to your customer – Design a great logo – Represent your business with your brand – Always be reliable – Establish strong values – Be transparent – Use a strapline – Print your logo everywhere – Highlight the benefits of your business – Establish…Continue reading «Ways to boost your brand»

Check! Is your website untrustworthy ?

1. Humanize the site : Users don’t connect with websites, they connect with the people behind those websites. 2. Don’t hide who owns your domain : Normally, domain registration information is public. Use your business’ public contact information. 3. Be conscientious about visitor privacy : Users care about their private information, so be transparent about…Continue reading «Check! Is your website untrustworthy ?»

How to sell without selling ?

– Why people buy products ? a. Due to basic needs b. For replacement c. Due to urgency / scarcity d. Getting great value of discount e. For a good cause f. For name recognition – What are the types of buyers ? a. 61% average spenders b. 24% cheap spenders c. 15% irresponsible spenders…Continue reading «How to sell without selling ?»

Website Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s 1. Do invest in creating a professional, secure site for your business. 2. Do keep it simple – too much content, page copy or too many calls to action will overwhelm your prospects. 3. Do make it possible to contact you easily from homepage. 4. Do create a navigation bar and bucket your content…Continue reading «Website Do’s and Don’ts»