The era of the PC has ended. Mobile is the future !

Yes, this is true. The era of PC has ended, day by day mobile is replacing PC.


In India alone during January-June 2012, total shipments of mobile handsets was recorded at 102.43 million units. During the same period, total India shipments of smartphones were 5.50 million units.

We all remember how mobile replaced wristwatch, torch,  FM, camera and now it is replacing PC. Mobiles are lot cheaper than PC and enables you to make call.

Smartphone and cheap data packets enabling people to access internet anytime and anywhere. Currently people access internet for checking emails and social media , but we are seeing  e-commerce, CRM, banking happening through mobile devices.

Research shows in next 5 years, mobile devices (phone and tablet) will replace PC likewise typewriter.

I invite you to suggest what do you think Mobile can replace from our life say in next 1-2 decade.Thanks
Your friend @ mobifly