Chat bot is a great way for your small business to stay connected with customer even when you're not there to serve them.


Speak the real language

Interacts with customer in real language.

Knowledge Centralization

Chatbot is knowledge centralized

Immediate answer

Response your question instantly

90% correct answer

Give correct answer as pre-defined A.I.

Innovative customer service

Chatbot give automated service.

Available 24/7

Give response your question 24/7.

Decrease calls & tickets

Chatbot response the customer instantly.

Multi-channel consistency

Ability to response the customer via fb,tw,email etc.

Who Is Using?

Chatbot is a (ro)bot which is an interactive program that talks to you and answers requests. Bots are also referred to as “virtual assistants”, “conversational UI” or “conversational commerce”.
Chatbot is use by the many companies in India some of them are Fitcircle(provide workout,heath and diet plan),Yes-Bank(allows customers to perform banking transactions),
PVR(Book movie ticket,magazine,Deals & exclusive) etc.

fitcircle pvr yesbank

*Fitcircle is our client.


What is a Chat-bot?

A chatbot is a (ro)bot which is an interactive program that talks to you and answers requests. Bots are also referred to as “virtual assistants”, “conversational UI” or “conversational commerce”. They answer as naturally as possible to requests so that it feels like a conversation. Their topic depends on the business’ focus and could be a weather forecast bot, an online-shop assistant, or a hotel reservation bot; and in my case it’s a venue recommendation bot.

Why a chatbot and not an app?

900 million monthly active users of Facebook Messenger and 300 million users of Skype can request coffee shop and restaurant recommendations without having to go to any app store.One big adoption barrier for apps is that you have to get people to the app store to download your app. If your app is not mission critical this is even more difficult. The whole process of downloading apps is quite complicated and tedious for many people. It often means that they might have to enter a password or figure out how to free up storage by deleting other apps. Because of that some people don’t use any apps apart from what comes pre-installed or what other people helped them to get onto their phone.

How much does a chatbot cost?

It depends on the amount of functions, how clear your use case is and how much work you can (or want to) do in house. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation, where we can help you to structure your chatbot project and then based on that give you a much clearer understanding of the time and costs involved.

How long does it take to develop a chatbot?

There is no straight forward answer to this question, as it largely depends on what the bot should do and unterstand. While a simple one task bot can be developed rather quickly (weeks) the development of a complex conversation bot can take quite a while (months).