Shark POS & CPOS for Chai Point Retail Stores

Retail Store Structure

Chai Point


Business Problem of Chai Point

Chai point was started with the manual operations with three chains of retail stores in Bangalore. At that time POS was the only standard software available in the market and so it was used. In order to make the daily business activities easy and smooth, automation technology is needed in activities like supply chain, staff attendance, sale computation and supply chain etc. Due to its non- customizable ability, the POS software was not able to fulfill the growing needs of the Chai point. As time passes by, the chai point has increased its stores to 100. The increase in number of stores has led to operational and technological challenges. Few to mention are


  1. Getting the update on real time sales across stores.
  2. Maintaining different price and menu sections on each store.
  3. Getting the exact stock of the food items from all the stores.
  4. Maintaining the supply chain management of the capex and food items.
  5. Being updated and releasing the real time discount schemes.
  6. Maintaining employee payroll ad attendance.

Solution to Chai Point

Mobiflysupported Chai Point’s business with the two high end technology solutions-

  1. Shark POS : It is advanced POS software. This software is designed in such a way to fulfill the Food and Beverage industry requirements. Real time data sync is the major advantage of this Shark. This helps the stakeholders in getting regular real time updates on sales directly from 100s of stores. Due to its Interactive user interface that supports up the selling process has made shark as the most preferred software by the retail users. Its design is also adaptable to flexible menu, pricing, discount etc
  2. CPOS : It is a web based ERP system that has every module that is required by the Chai Point in order to perform their every day operations. Some of the modules to mention are
  • Staff attendance and payroll
  • Supply chain management of food and capex items
  • CRM for call center to receive inbound orders
  • Interface for customers to place online orders
  • Various reports which help in Profit and Loss calculation

It is tough for any retail business to hold a stock of calculated number of items in a store. They always see to it that the items are available for customers and not were wasted due to its excess presence. Wastage is always seen as an import concern in the food industry as it cannot be stored for many days. CPOS software provides food ordering engine. This engine predicts the food demand for everyday based on the previous day report and supplies the required number of items to every store accordingly. The software also keeps tracking on the available stock on real time basis. This is to match the unexpected increase in demand and supply the surplus. The CPOS is built in with intelligence to perform the operations smooth. This makes it the most wanted Software for operation managers.

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